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ATL is the world's oldest and largest producer of safety fuel cells for race cars, rally cars, stunt cars, sports cars, street rods, off-road vehicles and race boats. ATL's crashworthy, non-exploding gas tanks meet or exceed one or more of the following crash-resistance specifications: FIA SPEC FT3, FIA SPEC FT3.5, FIA SPEC FT5, USAC-1000, NASCAR 2000, CRFS-102 and SFI 32.1.

ATL's Fuel Cells dominate the ranks of nearly all professional racing series, including NASCAR Sprint Cup, NASCAR Nationwide, NASCAR Camping World & NASCAR Whelen Modified, FIA Grand Prix Formula 1, DTM, Redline Time Attack, Drifting, GT Endurance, Off-Road Trucks, W.E. Rock, Off-Shore Boats, Super Touring Cars, WRC Rally and Sprinters.

Many other uses for ATL's Racing Fuel Cell bladder tanks have surfaced, too. These non-exploding tanks are now used in mining vehicles, off-road construction equipment, military vehicles, police cars, embassy limousines, rescue trucks, and ski-boats.

ATL produces fuel cells to accomodate high-octance gasolines, E10, E50, E85, E100, diesel, methanol, bio-diesel, M85, aromatics, avgas, nitro-methane and all Jet Fuels as well.


The Components of a Sports Cell® Series Fuel Cell:       



Powder Coated 20 Gauge Steel Container (Aluminum Optional)
Molded, Seamless Hard Rubber Bladder:

Excellent Resistance to Race Gas, Ethanol & Methanol
FIA FT3 Certified
Composite Nut-Ring
SF-103 Foam Baffling for Slosh & Explosion Suppression (For 100% Alcohol, use SF110 Foam)


TF195 Steel Fill Plate:

(1) Low Profile Twist-Cap & Neck with Flap Valve
(2) #6 or #8 Outlets
(See Chart Below)
(1) #6 Vent-Check Roll-Over Valve


(2) “Duck Foot” Pick-Ups with Fuel Traps & Filters
5 Year Limited Warranty!
• Ideal for: Road Race, Rally, Circle Track, Dirt Track, Hotrod, Drag and Offroad Application




8 Gallon Sport Cell

Price: $ 748.75
Save: 20%!
Price after discount:
$ 599

10 Gallon Sport Cell

Price: $ 806.25
Save: 20%!
Price after discount:
$ 645

12 Gallon Sport Cell

Price: $ 860
Save: 20%!
Price after discount:
$ 688

15 Gallon Sport Cell

Price: $ 887.50
Save: 20%!
Price after discount:
$ 710