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Carrola Tuning is an official FuelTech distributor. All of our products are genuine and come with full manufacturers warranty. We also offer technical support if needed.




FuelTech is a Brazilian company specialized in manufacturing programmable electronic fuel injection and ignition systems for performance engine management. FuelTech’s products are developed by a top notch team of engineers that guarantees a continuous standard of high quality products with the best technology available in the market.


One of the greatest advantages of FuelTech’s product line is their simplistic operation. It allows the end user to have a painless installation and real time tuning within hours. Its emphasis in the DO-IT-YOURSELF concept, have created a complete access interface on the unit allowing the user to have full control of the engine without the need of a personal computer.


Fueltech has proven that this type of technology is never short of performance by its excellent track record; FuelTech products have won more races than any other fuel management company in Brazil. Numerous records have been broken with racers using fuelTech products in classes such as Sportsman, Pro Drag Racing, Circuit Racing, Off-road, Rally Racing, Motorbike Racing and Nautical applications.



FuelTech’s line of programmable electronic fuel infection system allows the user to have full control of the injection and ignition of their engine with an innovative approach to user friendly design. It allows the user and installer to fully access the unit’s programs and tune without the use of an interfaced personal computer.


At the Top of the line, ready to revolutionize the industry, is the FT400. A fully programmable electronic fuel injection like the FT200 and FT300, but with a 4.3” touch screen display, allowing the user to have full view and control of their tune and data. Full view and control without the use of an interfaced personal computer.


ECU Manager:

All units are supplied with a Window’s based software that allows access to all the unit’s controls from an interfaced laptop computer, allowing the user to save multiple data and tunes for their units. A complete review through 3D maps and instant corrections are also achieved through this software and a PC. This connection is established using the USB-CAN Converter sold separately.

All FuelTech units can connect to a PC through this high speed native USB-CAN interface, which increases speed and reliability. FuelTech have Microsoft certifications on all of their drivers, allowing and ensuring a good operation using Windows based Operational Systems.



FuelTech offers in their line:

The ETC, a unit that allows full access and control over the parameters of electronic throttles.
The Peak and Hold is an integrated module for proper control of low impedance fuel injectors.
The SparkPro is an inductive ignition systems unit.
The Wideband-O2 Meter Slim an Digital Air / Fuel Meter for engine monitoring using a high quality and precision O2 Meter that can be interfaced with the stand alone and the FuelTech Data Acquisition Systems.
The WideBand-O2 Datalogger, is a compact 6 channels unit with internal wide band lambda conditioning.
The PRO24 Datalogger, is an advanced 24 channels unit for more complex range of data acquisition.
The BoostController, a dual ramp multi stage boost controller that can be interfaced withany of the FuelTech units or standalone in the market.






FuelTech FT250

Price: $ 836.84
Save: 5%!
Price after discount:
$ 795

FuelTech FT300

Price: $ 942.11
Save: 5%!
Price after discount:
$ 895

FuelTech FT350

Price: $ 1 251.58
Save: 5%!
Price after discount:
$ 1 189

FuelTech FT400

Price: $ 1 573.68
Save: 5%!
Price after discount:
$ 1 495

FuelTech FT500

Price: $ 2 153.61
Save: 3%!
Price after discount:
$ 2 089

BoostController - Dual Solenoid

Price: $ 823.71
Save: 3%!
Price after discount:
$ 799

FuelTech Gear Controller

Price: $ 823.71
Save: 3%!
Price after discount:
$ 799


Price: $ 135.79
Save: 5%!
Price after discount:
$ 129


Price: $ 278.95
Save: 5%!
Price after discount:
$ 265
CODE: 3010000013

WideBand-O2 Meter Slim

Price: $ 315.79
Save: 5%!
Price after discount:
$ 300
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