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Carrola Tuning
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Norwood  NJ 07648


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Our hours for the order desk are now

8:30-5:30pm EST Monday - Thursday

8:30-5:00 Friday

That's how we handle business.



How fast do you want to go? This isn’t just a catchy phrase, it’s how we live. More than just a boutique shop for glitzy parts that do little for big money, Carrola Tuning gives its clients high quality American made performance parts.


When our clients choose us to be a part of their project they are getting more than just parts designed one by one. They are getting a complete hardware solution tuned to work together as a system that was designed in house on our shop cars. CT brings something truly unique to the community by being one of the few companies who designs, tests, manufacturers, and distributes their products from start to finish all from one location. This level of involvement ensures a quality, well tested part that is able to be serviced and supported by the same people who designed and tested it to begin with.

So when you ask yourself “how fast do you want to go” make sure you are shopping with a team that is going there with you.


Carrola Tuning your solution for motorsport!