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2004 VW Golf GTI VR6 24V Turbo



2004 VW Golf GTI VR6 24V 


Turbo: Garrett GT35R Twin Scroll Setup


Clutch: ClutchMasters FX400


Injectors: Siemens Deka 630cc


Pistons: JE Pistons 8.5:1CR


Rods: Integrated Engineering 164 x 20


Fuel pump: Bosch Motorsport 044


Differential: Phantom Grip


Brakes: Brembo


Pads: Hawk Blue 9012


Suspension: Bilstein


Seats: Bimarco Futura fiberglass FIA approved


Engine mounts: VF-Engineering


Bushings: Superpro


Wheels: Borbet LS  7.5 x 17


Wastegate: TIAL 38mm


BOV: 50mm TIAL


Boost control: Manual


Boost Guage: Garrett


Launch control and WOT: N2MB Performance


Software: Profi Tuning Slovakia


a lot more things to list...


HP: 440hp/18psi or 1.2BAR

Torque: 385lbs. of torque or 520NM


The numbers are not the highest, but this is a race car that can run all day every day flat out without any compromises.






Check out the dyno plot and quick spool from twinscroll set up where we ran only 15psi of boost to break the engine in on a very hot summer day.


Stay tuned for more dyno results. We will test our vehicle later on this Spring running higher boost. Please have a look at the second dyno sheet.





We went to the dyno to re-tune our car because of few mechanical modifications.

Car was running 18psi of boost with 12 degrees of ignition timing at 11.1AFR.

See the results for your self...