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Video of 2.0 Turbo with GIAC software shown on the front page of Youtube...

07.01.2010, 20:11, Peter Zuhan



Check out this cool clip that made the front page of Youtube. A GIAC Extreme software tuned Golf beating a BMW M3 E92 Coupe 6-speed in the 1/4 mile. This K04-equipped 2.0T TFSI VW Golf Edition 30 was prepared by Stertman Motorsport with Stage II+ hardware.



Stage 2 GIAC performance software is now available for Golf/Jetta 2.0 TSI applications. Gains are measured at 58 wheel HP and 91 ft lbs of wheel torque over stock (dyno plot link) with upgraded intake and exhaust on 91 octane fuel. The graph plots two runs for a 2009 Golf 2.0T TSI using a VF-Engineering intake and an AWE turbo-back exhaust on 91-octane fuel. The first run was conducted with the Stage 2 GIAC performance software and the second run is the baseline run, conducted with stock ECU programming. Based on these results, gains are estimated at 65-80 HP and 108-123 ft lbs of torque (crank).

Compared to GIACs Stage 1 software, Stage 2 software offers: an additional 10-20 HP and 30-35 ft lbs of torque (crank); and reworked traction control for improved applied torque at lower speeds. Like GIAC’s Stage 1 software, Stage 2 software features:

* OBD2 port flash installation
* Compatibility with the Flashloader Handheld Switcher, allowing customers to switch easily, and on-the-fly, between stock, pump gas performance, race gas performance, or "valet" programming modes.

The Stage 2 software must be coupled with an upgraded intake and exhaust. Quality intercoolers are also recommended. For stock hardware setups, GIAC recommends its Stage 1 software.

MSRP for the GIAC software is $550. Current GIAC Stage 1 software customers can upgrade to GIAC’s Stage 2 software free of charge.
This upgrade will be available for all TSI ECU revisions and is currently available for:

1K0907115AD 1K0907115AF



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