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Bosch 044 Super Output 650bhp Inline Pump

Bosch 044 Super Output 650bhp Inline Pump
Price: $ 257.78
Save: 10%!
Price after discount: $ 232




Bosch high flow fuel pump aka the 044 pump. 300LPH of flow and operate at 72.5 PSI. Bosch 044 fuel pumps can support vehicles for applications up to 600-700 horse power. Can be used in sequence with an in-tank fuel pump for ultra high pressure applications up to 150 PSI. Can also be used in pair for setups well over 1000HP! AUTHENTIC EUROPEAN MADE, NOT CHINA COPY.

This pump is sourced from several Porsche motorsport applications and flows enough to push even a high pressure turbocharged engines fuel system all the way to 650bhp. Only slightly larger then a walbro 255, this pump packs a punch. Especially recommended in applications using higher base fuel pressrues, this pump shines over many other pumps in performance past 70psi of rail pressure. Quality genuine Bosch, this pump will fuel your project safely and reliably. For wild projects, two of them will fuel 1200+ bhp and is smaller, quieter, and cheaper then weldon or larger aeromotive pumps. It truely is a killer setup.

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