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SEM Transverse Intake Manifold for 1.8t 20v

SEM Transverse Intake Manifold for 1.8t 20v
Price: $ 910
Save: 10%!
Price after discount: $ 819




These are the most developed intake manifolds the 20v world has ever seen. They are cast in Canada from A356-T6 Aluminum and heat treated, ensuring very high quality. They feature a large 2.75L plenum, and carefully calculated intake manifold runners to give good mid range and high end power with gains over virtually the entire powerband. Dyno testing has shown gains as high as 25whp and 25wtq on a simple gt30r setup on 24psi and pump gas. Higher gains should be expected on higher horsepower setups. Finally, this manifold is available in small and big port, with either stock, 80mm, or undrilled throttle flange patterns. It can be utilized with the stock fuel rail or any aftermarket fuel rail for 1.8t.


* Cast in Canada from A356-T6 Aluminum and Heat trated
* 3/16" Thick Wall Construction for strength and reliability
* Large 2.75L Plenum for increased flow capacity and mixumum cylinder filling
* Computer designed tapered plenum for equal flow distribution and excellent transient boost response.
* Low profile design gives lots of hood clearance even in mk1's and mk2's.
* Integrated V-Stacks induce maximum flow velocity
* Large ID and Calculated Runner Length to support peak HP
* Fuel injector bungs are designed and located to facilitate optimal port runner flow and optimal fuel atomization.
* Bracket Mount Bosses for under-intake bracket assembly.
* Vacuum Port Bosses and IAT Boss are all located beneath the manifold for a more clean aesthetic look.
* Underside Vacuum Port drilled and tapped for supplied Brass NPT Fittings

# Supplied with FREE manifold hardware (CT Exclusive)
# Supplied with FREE OEM (60mm) or Cometic (80mm) Throttle Gasket
# Supplied with FREE OEM manifold to head gasket.




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