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TIAL 38MM MVS V-band Super Small Wastegate

TIAL 38MM MVS V-band Super Small Wastegate
Price: $ 305.26
Save: 5%!
Price after discount: $ 290



These are Tial's followup to the venerable Tial 38mm wastegate. They have taken popular 38mm valve sizing and adapted it with features from the far more expensive 44mm wastegate. This includes vband mount and discharge flanges. The wastegate has also been made extremely compact externally. This makes it a great choice for twin scroll dual wastegate applications or compact applications. These gates will control boost well for most reasonably sized turbochargers as long as they are either dumped to atmosphere with a short pipe or rerouted into the downpipe at a low merge angle. They are made in USA to exacting quality standards and available in a large variety of colors. If you are not using a boost controller, pick the spring pressure which represents the boost you want to run. If you are running a boost controller, the spring pressure should be the minimum pressure you intend to run. Most boost controllers will be able to run up to about double the spring pressure. Large spring pressures cost more because two springs must be used (one large, one small) to get those pressures.


Carrola Tuning is a direct Tial Distributor, you can be assured these are all genuine pieces and the serial numbers on them can be traced back to Tial.

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