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We offer full line of Reiger Racing Suspension products. All products are custom made to customer's specifications. It takes 6-8 weeks to build to product.


We also offer FIA homologated GRP N Reiger suspension for Lancer Evo and Subaru Impreza.

No warranty on motorsport products.






The hardest test for shock absorbers is in rallying. Tenths of seconds make all the difference. The road surface may be different every time, but the job is the same: to hold the wheel on the road for optimum traction. Reiger shock absorbers have been proven time and again at the highest level as suppliers to the Ford WRC team with Petter Solberg and Jari-Mati Latvala.





We combine our experience in motor cross and rally sport so we can offer the right shock absorbers for autocross and rallycross, regardless of which class you drive in or your level. We do everything we can to make sure that you can win.





Rally raids are the most gruelling test of equipment reliability, in particular the shock absorbers. Reiger shock absorbers function impeccably: from start to finish, even over a distance like the Paris-Dakar. It has been proven many times in the past. Our shock absorbers can withstand the most extreme conditions. They can handle both small bumps and unexpected large obstacles at high speed without breaking stride. Reiger’s years of experience helps constructors to develop suspension systems. Major Dutch names in the history of the Paris-Dakar have chosen Reiger Racing Suspension.



For asphalt, gravel or sand dunes, for all conditions and sports, we deliver solutions that bring victory within anyone's reach.


For cars we offer a huge range, from simple shock absorbers without adjustments to high-tech, self-adaptive and multi-adjustable shock absorbers. Anything is possible, and if it's not in our standard range we can make it for you.



Reiger automotive shock absorbers are divided into three different basic types:


-4622- our entry model for those who don't punish their equipment excessively or have little need for adjustability


-5062- our 'upside down' shock absorber for autocross and light rally cars


-570- our 'fat' rally shock for all branches of car and motor bike racing.




Unique qualities for all types of shock absorbers


The shocks mentioned above all look different from the outside, but inside they are all built with the same precision and passion.


The differences are mainly in the construction and concern aspects such as robustness, weight, amount of friction and whether the shock absorber is easy to install and maintain.


We determine which type is best for your application based a comprehensive intake, in which we carefully examine the requirements. We combine that with our extensive experience so we always arrive at the best solution.



General: what's important is damping power


Damping is hard or soft NOT light or heavy


Strange when you think about it... we talk about tuning the suspension, yet we really mean the shock absorbers (ref. ICS)