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Our hours for the order desk are now

8:30-5:30pm EST Monday - Thursday

8:30-5:00 Friday


Tuning Info:


Since 2010 Carrola Tuning’s Peter Zuhan has offered engine management system tuning for a wide range of EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) vehicles, with numerous street and racing vehicles tuned. He tunes a full range of devices to include complex standalone systems. When it comes to standalones, we specialize in FuelTech systems which you’ll find on our race and more serious street builds. Our reflash based custom tuning solution includes  Cobb Tuning. We also tune AEM and Motec. From street to full blown race cars we’ve tuned a broad spectrum of vehicles and have the experience to help you achieve your goals. Whether you have high compression high revving N/A motor or turbo charged street or rally vehicle, we have a tuning solution for you all.


Proper engine management tuning provides added horsepower and torque across the entire RPM range while maintaining the customer’s preferred margin of safety. We’ve tuned numerous of daily drivers, street/track cars, and all out race cars according to each customer’s guidelines. Engine management system calibration is taken very seriously at Carrola Tuning and if you have a setup we’re not confident we can provide excellent tuning on such as an old style carbureted engine, or we feel your mechanical setup requires repairs or changes to make it safe for tuning, we will make our best recommendations to help you.


Vehicles we tune on the dyno are also street or track tested (when possible) to ensure they behave as intended under real world conditions. Anyone interested in a combination street/dyno tune simply needs to let us know when making their appointment so we can schedule it accordingly. These combination tunes provide the best combination of drivability, power, consistency and safety.


Track tuning is performed using Innovate Motorsport wideband data logger and our Bosch oxygen wideband sensor has always less than 50 hours of use, so precision and accuracy is guaranteed.


For those who are too far away, we offer out of area tuning by the day and half day depending on distance. Tuning can be performed on a dyno, at the track, or on the street depending on your needs. We can also offer online tuning, tips and tricks for those customers who own wideband O2 sensor. Simply, upload a map from us to your Fueltech ECU, do couple of pulls and send us the datalog from the ECU. We can then modify the maps to suit your application. Please contact us for details.


Contact us at 908-977-6224 to setup an apointment.


We tuned numerous race and rally cars in Europe and that's where we learned how to perform serious engine tuning to include full blown rally maps using Grp N ALS. (anti lag system)


We offer tuning for pump and race gas, E85, E98, Methanol and other blends.


Your dyno tuning checklist:

  1. An appointment with a $150.00 deposit is required
  2. Make sure you have at least half a tank of fuel
  3. All tuning is done on unleaded fuel. (You will be required to purchase your own oxygen sensor if you want to be tuned on a leaded fuel)
  4. If a tuner such as Cobb Access Port etc. is used, make sure that you bring the interface unit with you
  5. Bring any software you might have for your ECU’s application
  6. List all modifications
  7. Ensure all electrical connections are correct and make proper contact
  8. Check all fluid levels and top-off if required
  9. Check all charge piping and clamps are secured and tight
  10. Verify correct spark plug and gap
  11. Ensure that the tires are in good and safe operational condition and verify correct tire pressure
  12. Be on time



We went to the dyno to re-tune our car because of few mechanical modifications.

Car was running 18psi of boost with 12 degrees of ignition timing at 11.1AFR.

See the results for your self...